My Cream

How to use the confectioners' cream "MY CREAME"?
My Cream is made based on water and fat content. It can be used as a filling and spread cream in the production of cakes, pastes, muffins, eclairs, petits fours, tarts, croissants, chocolate bonbons and other desserts.
Confectioner's cream "My Cream" can be used as flavour enhancer for vegetable and milk creamers. It is compatible with butter cream and sugar syrup.

Filling with milk or vegetable creamer:
Stir the creamer with the use of blender but do not stir too much. Aftre that add "MY CREAME" - the proportion can be 2:1, 1:1 or 1:0,5 depending on the desired texture and colour.

Filling- sugar syrup
Add a sugar syrup to "MY CREAME" .
Filling- butter cream
Add "MY CREAME" to the beaten butter.
Mirror glaze
Melt  "MY CREAME" spread in a water batch. Add a water together with a gelatine to it. The proportion can be 3:1. Then stir until they are completely homogenised. This mixture can be used as a ready filling for bonbons and pancakes.