Sports and chocolate

The chocolate as an additive to sport or sport with chocolate eating

The dark chocolate has quickly gained the image of a super food due to the incredible density of the nutritional substances in cocoa beans, especially of the flavonoids, anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphor. The food experts associate this type of chocolate with the decrease in risk of some kinds of cancer, lower blood pressure, heart health and a prevention from the negative effects of the chronic stress. As it concerns sport, many of you know for sure that the dark chocolate is a perfect means for fighting with temporary fatigue and low energy level. But what can we say about its impact on the athletes performance after eating dark chocolate.

The Kingston University in London have recently discovered that the daily consumption of dark chocolate can be benefitial for the sport endurance and muscle recovery.The chocolate effectiveness was the same as the effectiveness of the beet which is a well known dietetic product that increases productivity of the proffessional athletes. This is due to the substance epicatehin, which is flavenol. This compound leads to high production of nitrous oxide in the human body, widening (dilation) of blood vessesls and low oxygen consumption and thus to enhance in the athletic endurance.
Each of 2 test groups include in one of their daily meal 40 gr of high quality chocolate, one takes black chocolate, the oher - white chocolate. In the meantime during medium intenisve trainings their heart rate and the oxygen consumption are being measured. In two weeks time the two groups swap the type of chocolate and the measurements are being repeated.

The results show that people can train and exsercise longer and more effectively when they ate black chocolate and this is due to the fact that the level of nitrous oxide is increasing. This breakthrough is a basis for the upcoming studies, which might proove that the blach chocolate is among the foods, which have to be main part in the athetics' daily meal.

Yet, there is still things to be discussed like the amount of chocolate that will achieve these improvements, though this is a great start.

This means that the daily consumption of black chocolate in optimal amount can significantly improve the quality of your training and reduce the time needed for muscles recovery which makes this temptation the tastiest way of improving your sessions in the sports hall.

The sports analyst James Browner claims that many of the sportsmen which drink a lot of beet juice beacuse of his huge benefits are complaining of his taste. Now there is a an equivelent alternative with much better taste properties.