The benefits of chocolate

The chocolate is a super food, it is a reliable energy source.

Chocolate is good for the heart and the blood circulation. A recent research established that the dark chocolate helps for recovering the flexibility of the arteries while preventing from aggregation of white blood cells in the area of the blood vessel walls. These are two of common factors leading to arterial obstruction that increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Researches in Finland have found out that chocolate consumption lowers the risk of stroke with the average of 17%.
The dark chocolate is rich in minerals like potassium, zinc and selenium whereby 100 gr of it provide 76% of the recommended daily intake of iron.
The dark chocolate lowers the cholesterol level. It is proven that the cacao consumption lowers the “bad” cholesterol level and increases the “good” cholesterol level, which potentially reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The chocolate improves the skin condition and the flavonoids in the cacao prevent it from the harmful effect of the sun radiation.
Furthermore the chocolate can help you in losing weight. And indeed, if you eat a piece of chocolate 20 minutes before each meal, it will lead to a hormone reaction, which will give a feeling of being full.

Another Finnish research has established that the chocolate reduces the stress for the pregnant women and the newborns of the mothers who ate chocolate regularly during pregnancy are smiling more often than the other babies.
It sounds incredible but chocolate could prevent from diabetes. The cacao helps to improve the insulin sensitivity. Intake of moderate amount of chocolate can be a prevention from diabetes.

The chocolate is useful for the brain. It improves the results of cognitive tests and the special memory and binocular function, the abstract thinking and the whole psychic condition. All these positive effects result from the flavonoids. In addition the chocolate consumption reduces the memory loss by the old people.

It has also anti-inflammatory action and helps for the recovery by brain injuries.

The chocolate makes us feel better. This property is due to the Phenylethylamine containing in it.

It is the same chemical substance, which our brain releases when we fall in love. It stimulates the endorphin production, which makes us feel happy.