Biscuit cake with Cacao and Hazelnut cream

Recipe of the easy to make biscuit cak...

Necessary products:

1. 2 packs “Breakfast” biscuits
2. 1 pot curdled cream
3. 1 jar of chocolate spread
4. 2 bananas
5. 1 boiled egg

Preparation instruction:

Mix the chocolate spread and curdled cream, Make a cup of coffee and dip each biscuit for a while in it. Put a row of biscuits, then spread the chocolate cream. Slice the bananas in circles and arrange them evenly on the chocolate cream. Afterwards proceed alternately with a row of biscuits, row of cream and row of bananas. When the cake is ready put in a refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours. Preparation of the cake is easy, fast and is extremely delicious. Bon appetite!