Black cake

Be ready to taste the most delicious thing

Necessary products:
1. 4 Eggs
2. 250 gr. yoghurt
3. 1/2 tea cup of vegetable oil
4. 2 tea cups of sugar
5. 400 gr.of wheat flour
6. 2-3 soup spoons with cacoa
5. 1 pack of baking powder
6. 1 pack of vanilla powder

For the topping
1. 1 pack (125 gr.) of butter
2. 1 pack of cocoa
3. 1 tea spoon with icing sugar
4. 5-6 soup spoons with water

Stir the  room conditioned eggs with the sugar, add the vegetable oil until it soaks and then add the yoghurt.
Mix the wheat flour, the cacao, the icing sugar and the vanilla powder altogether and sieve them.
Then add the sieved ingrediends to the stirred mixture while beating.
Pour the prepared mixture into a pre-buttered  bakery tray and bake for 30-35 minutes in a pre-heated at 180C° degree oven.
Slice the baked cake in diamond shapes and when cold enough, pour the hot topping over.

Hot topping preparation instruction: Mix butter, cacao, icing sugar and water /or milk/ in a bowl, put in a water bath and mix to a smoot chocolate mixture. Pour the topping over the cake.